German Railway Station

On the 27th July 1852 the yet guilty Interstate Agreement between the Grand Duchy of Baden and the Swiss Eidgenossenschaft was the beginning of the German Railway Station in Basel. The Agreement regulated the extrapolation of the Badische Railway on the teritorry of Switzerland. Between 1855 and 1913 the German Railway Station was located in the area of the present exhibition building of Messe Basel.

1906 the Railway was moved to the periphery of Kleinbasel. The Station building was designed by the well known Swiss Architect  called Karl Moser (1860–1936).

In Spring 1910 the construction work of the building started and the front of the central block was finished 1911. It is made of yellowish Keuper sandstone from Siegelsbach. After that the tower and the main hall with its arced roof made of reinforced concrete.

In the year 2006 the large renovation and rebuilding of the German Railway Station was finished. Since that time there are next to some new shopping areas also the new restaurant Les Gareçons Basel.