Brunch / breakfast

at Les Gareçons every day starts with a opulent breakfast offer. On the weekend we offer our special menü
On sundays we recommend to make a reservation because it is always very crowded.
Late riser keep cool, we serve our breakfasts every saturday until 3 pm and every sunday until 9 pm!

breakfast timetable:    monday to friday 9 am – 11 am
saturday 9am  –4 pm
sunday 10 am – 4pm

Here you can find our Weekend – breakfast – menu…


….and these are some of our daily offers:

LG “Landei”                                                                                        10,50 CHF

Boiled egg / butter / homemade jam / fresh bread
homemade cream cheese with herbs


LG “Vital”                                                                                            14,50 CHF

Birchermüesli (vegan) / homemade cream cheese with herbs
vegetable sticks / fresh bread / small vitamin bomb 0,1l.




LG “Klassisch”                                                                                    23,50 CHF

Fried egg with ham / croissant / fresh bread / butter / homemade jam
cold sausage -cheese plate / yoghurt with fruit sauce and honey
fresh squeezed orange juice 0,1l or 1 glass Prosecco 0,1l


LG “Exquisit”                                                                                       29,50 CHF

Croissant / fresh bread / butter / homemade jam
small fruit salad / air dried ham / Italian pepper salami
and veal pasty / buffalo mozzarella with tomato and basil pesto
smoked salmon with cream horse radish / scrambled eggs with herbs and bacon
spring onion / Champignons / rosemary and Grana Padano
1 glass Prosecco 0,1l or fresh squeezed orange juice 0,1l.


Meat- and sausages: CH or I /All eggs are from outdoor agriculture