About us

We, the 4 company founders Dietmar Nürk, Christopher Duschl, Jan Rötzel and Markus Hollerbach have created a unique place, exactly where you least expect it. The “Aha Effect” is all the greater when you are with us for the first time.

For everyone who has never been a guest before:
We are café, restaurant, lounge, takeaway, venue…

The “e” in Gareçons is by the way no spelling mistake but reveals where to find us – namely in the station (Gare). Especially in the evening at the candlelight dinner (November to March) our dining station unfolds a feeling of romantic wanderlust for everyone. 

Of course, even after more than 13 years, we still keep an eye on everything every day at Les Gareçons. It’s not for nothing that some travellers like to take the train after the next and prefer to stay a little longer .

When shopping, we make sure that all coffee, tea and chocolate products are organic and Fairtrade without compromise and that the fresh milk from the Basel region is also organic.

With meat, fish and our eggs we pay attention to animal species-appropriate farming from the region and to sustainable fishing.

Above all, however, we offer delicious vegetarian dishes. Most of our vegetables and fruit are organic. In order to be able to work consistently and sustainably, we do not import organic products that have flown halfway around the world. Instead of these products, we prefer to use regional products and adapt our menu to the harvest calendar.

And if something remains, we will be happy to pack it for you and take it with you (in the compostable cardboard box)Did you know that by law all leftovers from the plate and buffet may not even be fed to pigs and in the best case end up in the biogas plant? – That’s why we don’t offer a buffet.
We wish “en Guete”

and that’s how our employees see us:



Christmass 2010!